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Welcome to VIP-Education!

Welcome, my name is Dawid GorÄ…czka and I am the founder of VIP-Education. Where does the unusual company name come from? It refers to what makes us the most unique team of tutors.

First of all

Our team consists of young and talented tutors, who love sharing their knowledge (furthermore, they graduated highschool with matura results over 90%).


Each student in VIP-Education is treated individually and professionally. Moreover we aim not only at sharing the knowledge but also at motivating and supporting during the tougher moments. In that way each student is able to believe, that the goal in within their reach.


We use well-proven and effective teaching methods, which are a scarcity in schools. That is why our students understand a certain topic both theoretically and practically, which implicates evident progress in a short period of time.

The subjects and the level of education are being constatly developed in our company. We would like to invite you to check our current offer.

Our motto is:

“Alea iacta est” – the die is cast. Start your educational journey with us and let yourself be led to the most exceptional achievements.

of classes

Remedial classes

Remedial classes The best choice for students who would like to improve their grades and prepare to the upcoming exams.

8th grade exam

This offer is mainly aimed at students who would like to achieve exquisite exam results and get to the best highschool.

Matura exam

The best choice for highschool students who would like to graduate with the most exceptional matura exam results and be admitted to their dream university.

News, advices and schedule

Stay in touch

Here you will find interesting advices and articles in reference to effective studying and schedule of the group classes for a certain week.